We have six senior does and two junior in milk. February kidding produced fifteen kids (eight girls, seven boys)! While we’re still expanding the herd we keep all the doelings, but our bucklings and wethers are sold or rehomed. Three of the yearlings missed out this breeding, though Sitka did have a false pregnancy finale that just barely got her lactating.


We have our hands excessively full of overwhelmingly cute babies. In what down time we can find, photos will be provided.



With 40-odd hens in the flock we’re producing eggs and running deliveries every Tuesday.


We have one gorgeous Buff Orpington and two Rhode Island Red roosters rising two years old. We are looking to trade all of them for unrelated equivalents before inbreeding sets in, so drop us a note if you’re interested in such an exchange.


It’s still a bit early to start hatching chicks, but we’ll certainly get around to it in the next few weeks. This means there will be straight-run chicks for sale by spring! We also provide Easter time chicks and do raise-to-age presales, so be sure to contact us for locally bred chickens.