Babies of 2017

Winchester and Chestnut — of Rosie

Winchester–the amazing moonspotted Nubian buckling. He is GORGEOUS. Also huge.
Sketchy action shot of Chestnut. We really like her smooth tan coloration. In lieu of moonspots, let there be mocha.
A second shot of Chestnut, showing her subtle spine stripe and all that underside highlighting

Sapphire–of Marigold

Sapphire–we refer to her as the pastel colored one

Jade and Opal–of orchid

Look at that conformation! Look at that stance! Look at the brilliant thing Orchid made! Jade–She has a lovely black spine stripe to go with her dark nose.

Amber and Pearl–of callie

Amber is a petite brown doeling with a fascinating speckling in her coat


Hugs and Son of Spruce — Valentina and Spruce

Hugs the wether being his enormous self and the only baby with horns.
Son of Spruce–he’s a bit blocky and on the small side still. He’s also kinda quiet and shy, not pushy enough to win arguments at feeding time.

Citrine–of Rowan

Citrine–she’s slightly off-white tan and has a spinal stripe and a suggestion of a mask on her face that I’m really hoping will darken like her grandma Valentina’s